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"Music saved me..."

Kolbi Winters is a chillstep artist and music producer who goes by the name KolbioneX. Her influences range from Kauf, Dotan, George Strezov, 65daysofstatic to Trapt, Linkin Park, John.K and ONE OK ROCK..

As a child, Kolbi was drawn to performing and music. She saw it as a way to connect with people and the soul. Growing up, Kolbi was involved in local theater and drama class throughout school. Curious by nature, Kolbi tried her hand at independent film and fell in love with the intimate atmosphere indie film provided. But that wasn't all. Music was still part of her life and in 2018, she took a break from acting to pursue her love for music. To separate her music from film, Kolbi started going by the name KolbioneX.

From 2018 until now, Kolbi has released 2 EP's: Introspection and The Journey Ahead as well as a few singles all of which can be found on SoundCloud. Her music is known among the gaming community and people who just like to listen to melodic music with no words.

In some strange way, music saved Kolbi. She is not very open about her past as there are "some very dark moments" that she has struggled with, but is "getting there" referring to the moment when she will share her story. Because of her past, she is very intrigued by human behavior, cultural/societal tolerance, and mental health. When she is not creating music, Kolbi enjoys reading, spending time with her family and animals, and stargazing.

Kolbi Winters
Colbie Winters
Kolbi Winters
Colbie Winters
Kolbi Winters